With the rental of the facility, DCC offers ceiling screens, a basic sound system, and one wired microphone at no charge. If an event requires more than an initial one time setting, a paid AV technician must be on site. The number of required technicians depends on the event.

Labor Rate for each technician - $45.00 an hour.
For more detailed information, please contact the Director at 940-627-2369.

A/V Equipment

 VCR $35.00 each
 TV $35.00 each
 TV/VCR Combo $55.00 each
 Overhead Projector $25.00 each
 Portable Screen $25.00 each
 Permanent Wall Screen No Charge
 CD Player $35.00 each
 Cassette Player $35.00 each
 Wireless Mic. - Handheld or Lapel $35.00 each
 Wired Mic. - 1st wired, no charge $15.00 each additional
 LCD Projector $225.00
 AV Technician Quote
 AV Cart No Charge