Wise County Heritage Museum

The Wise County Heritage Museum is located in the former Decatur Baptist College building, circa 1892. In addition to displayed artifacts and a gift shop, the museum houses an excellent archive of genealogy research material from different counties and states. The museum is open every day, Monday through Saturday from 9:00 am to 4:00 p.m. It is also open on Sunday from 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. There is an admission fee of $1.00 for adults and $.50 for children. The Wise County Heritage Museum is located at 1603 S. Trinity in Decatur. For more information or for booking classroom tours, please call, 940-627-5586 or write, Wise County Historical Commission, P.O. Box 427, Decatur, TX 76234.

LBJ Grasslands - National Forest Service - National Forests and Grasslands in Texas

The Caddo and LBJ National Grasslands are a haven for hunting, fishing, horseback riding, hiking, camping, and bird watching. This land was set-aside in the late 1940's to remove sub-marginal agricultural lands from cultivation and to demonstrate wise use land practices on lands not suitable for cultivation. An aggressive prescribed burning program has been taking place the last few years to reduce dangerous fuel loads on the Grasslands to protect our neighbors and to recreate the open nature of the Post Oak Savanna that original pioneers encountered in North Texas. The Grasslands are located at 1400 North US 81/287, Decatur TX. The office phone number is 940-627-5475.

The Wise County Courthouse

The Decatur Courthouse was built in 1895 for a sum of $110,000.00 dollars. The architect, J. Riley Gordon of New York, began work on June 1, 1895 and completed on May, 1896. The Courthouse is constructed of beautiful pink granite and has been pronounced architecturally perfect by noted experts in that line. The first court was held in the new building in December of 1896. The Courthouse is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is recorded Texas Historical Landmark with the appropriate medallion and plaque. Open weekdays, Monday through Friday, tours may be arranged through the County Judge's office at 940-627-5743. The Wise County Courthouse is located at 101 N. Trinity.

Decatur Main Street

Take a walk through the past! From the East Side to the West Side, from the North Side to the South Side, Decatur's Downtown Square is full of History. Every building has its own story to tell. The Main Street Program began in 1994. A volunteer driven program governed in part b the Texas Historical Commissions Texas Main Street Center and the Decatur City Council. Rehabilitation and revitalization of the Downtown business district are the main goals of the program. Please contact the Main Street manager Frieda Davis with questions at 940-627-2741.

The Petrified Wood Gas Station

Located on the corner of Bus. 81/287 and Hale Street. A Historical Marker stands with the information on the building.

The Waggoner Mansion

The Waggoner Mansion is located at the end of Main Street in the City of Decatur. The home was built by Mr. Dan Waggoner for a growing family. Sometimes called "El Castile", this is a large home, situated on a hill east of town sitting on thirteen and one-half acres. The house consists of two stories, sixteen rooms with a full basement and eight fireplaces. This home is occupied at the present time and is not open to the public.

Oak Lawn Cemetery

Oak Lawn Cemetery was officially established in 1878 when William T. Perry deeded property to R.M. Collins, the Mayor of Decatur, for a public burial ground for area residents. At that time however, at least one marked grave, that of Eli Lindley, (d. 1867), existed, indicating that a private cemetery has first been established here. Other marked graves dating as early as 1857 are believed to have been relocated to this site after the public cemetery's founding.

The City of Decatur managed the cemetery between 1878 and 1928. During that time, local residents C. and Caroline Harmon generously donated land to the city on four occasions to enlarge the cemetery property. In 1928, in response to the recent formation of a cemetery association by E.P. Gibson, W.P. Thurmond and T.J. Dillehay, their city ceased its management agreement of Oak Lawn. Between 1928 and 1986, the Cemetery Association maintained the burial ground, which was again enlarged in 1947 and 1960, after the dissolution of the Association the City of Decatur resumed responsibility for the graveyard. Now consisting of over 40 acres of property, Oak Lawn Cemetery is the final resting place of over 3,700 area residents. The Cemetery is located in the 500 block of Cemetery Road.

The Woody Cabin

He had a dream, and his dream became reality way back in 1854. Sam Woody left Tennessee sometime during the 1840's and headed southwest hoping he would find greater opportunities for himself and his family. After a brief stint in Fort Worth, Woody returned to the spot he wanted to build on due to its abundance of game, fish and grasslands. However, much to his dismay he found that in his absence a man named Tom McCarroll had settled in the precise area Woody had visited just a year before. Woody, along with Jim and John Mann, arrived on the banks of Deep Creek and began to build a home of logs from the forests that surrounded them. The log cabin became a haven of rest for other pioneers looking for a better life in the uncharted territory. A historical marker signifies the importance of the cabin and its place in Decatur History. The Woody Cabin is located off of Hwy. 287 to the left about 3 miles out. Follow signs to Deep Creek Cemetery and the Cabin is located on the left hand side of the dirt road.