Adult Classes and Programs
Did you know the library frequently hosts a variety of classes and programs for adults? These include computer literacy, arts and crafts, and much more. Keep a look out on the calender for upcoming adult classes!                           
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Book Clubs

Wise Reads Online Book Club

An online book club where people are invited to join in on a monthly book discussion via our Wise Reads Online Book Club Facebook page. Members of the library staff will select a book each month, post their thoughts on the book, and start the dialog with discussion questions. Posts relating to the book and author will be posted throughout the month as well. 
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The Book Experience Book Club

Convenes every first Tuesday of the month at 11am to share coffee and engage in lively conversations about books. A different selection every month. Visit the Book Club main page for more information.

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Gaming Groups

One Page Adventures RPG Group
Meets the second Saturday of the month at 10 a.m.! Join us for a different role playing adventure every month using the Savage Worlds RPG game system! We’ll be exploring new worlds, time periods, and genres! Ages 13 to adults. Contact Chris at the front desk or send him an email at if you are interested or have questions. 
For more info on the Savage Worlds RPG game system, please visit their website at: Savage Worlds
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Writers Group

The Decatur Public Library Writers' Group
The Decatur Public Library Writers' Group meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month at 6 pm! The Writers' Group provides a creative atmosphere to share and perfect your writing craft. The group discusses and critiques original works, and is intended for adults, anyone 18 years old and over. Contact Denice at if you have any questions.

One Year Collection Free PDF eBook

Decatur Public Librarys Writers Group 1 year collection
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