Extension Information

If you are unable to pay your citation in full by the appearance date listed on the bottom of your citation you may be eligible to request a 30 day extension to pay your fine in full but you must do so online. Please use the Court’s online payment system to request an extension and pay the required $100 down payment. The $100 will be applied to the amount due for your citation and you will receive a receipt for this as well as a new due date which will allow you to pay the remaining balance of your fine within 30 days. Please make sure that you pay close attention to the new due date which will print on your receipt as if your citation is not paid in full on or before the extension due date your case will incur a $25 time payment fee as required by Chapter 51 of the Government Code of the Texas State Law.  Please make sure that you understand that this is an extension of time to pay the fine amount and not an extension to appear before the Court. 
Request Extension of time to pay